Who is eRiQ?

eRiQ is an Imagineer, living in Tauranga. A freelance illustrator, cartoonist, graphic artist, digital photographer, art director for the NZ Hunting Magaine and director of multi-media design company eRiQ creations.

When eRiQ is not busy creating, drawing and surfing the web he loves to spend time with his wife Debra and 12 year old son Quentin of whom he is very proud.

He has always had a passion for movies, having subscribed to the Empire magazine since 1990. He has written articles for local newspapers, magazines and e-newsletters and is always searching for new ideas on the internet.eRiQ’s mottos are “if it can be conceived it can be achieved” and “live life with passion”.


email eriq@eriq.co.nz - or call me (07) 578 7895
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